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Year 1


In year 1 we cover phases 2-5 in phonics where we teach each of the sounds and then move on to looking at alternative pronunciations. The different sounds taught in each phase can be seen on the sound mats below.


We teach the sounds through different practical and written methods to help with both reading and spelling. Below are some activities that you could try at home:

Trash or treasure - have a picture of a bin, a treasure chest and different word cards that include the sounds shown in the phases above. Children then sound out the word and blend it to decide if it is a real word (treasure) or a made up word (trash) and sort into the correct pile.

Word and picture matching - If you child is struggling with a specific sound then you can focus on this sound through picture matching games, rhyming games or sorting games which compare the sounds e.g. ir in bird and er in faster.

Roll and read - using a dice and a word grid match up the words to the number on the dice. The child then rolls the dice and which ever number it lands on they read the corresponding word.

If you have games at home these can also be adapted to help your child practise their phonic sounds. E.g. placing sounds on a twister mat, sounds onto lego bricks to put together to make words, snakes and ladders with sounds and sound or word bingo.

I have included more pictures below to give you more information. Hope this is helpful. If you would like any further information please do not hesitate to come and see me. Miss Pugh :) 


Welcome to Year 1!


We are all really looking forward to a fantastic first half term in Year One! This year we will be helping the children to become even more independent by accessing all their resources in our classroom and carrying out a variety of exciting tasks. In English, we will begin with the story 'The Bog Baby' and will be focusing on our handwriting, spelling and punctuation to help when writing sentences. In Maths, we will begin by focusing on counting forwards and backwards to 100 and learning our number bonds to 10. We cannot wait to get started! 

If you have any questions please to do not hesitate to ask!


Miss Pugh and Mrs Humphries :) 

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