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Our Aspirations

Believe, belong be happy; every child, every chance, every day.



At Cradley CE we want our children to believe in themselves and their own abilities so that they can aspire to be the best they can be. As a school we promise to believe in all our children and encourage them to aim high and to follow their dreams. We will guide them in spiritual belief and help them to choose the right path in life.


We hope that everyone who comes to Cradley CE feels part of our ‘Cradley family’. Our school values are at the heart of everything we do, allowing us to develop a true feeling of belonging and a sense of shared identity. We celebrate similarities and differences and embrace the local, national and global communities to which we belong.

Be Happy

Happiness is the key to success and this knowledge underpins everything we do at Cradley. Above all we want our children to feel happy at school: happy to talk, happy to listen, happy to learn and happy to try new things.

Every Child

At Cradley CE we understand that every child is precious; a star waiting to shine, with their own special talents, needs and abilities. We aim to provide a safe, caring environment where each child is nurtured and given the opportunity to flourish, building on their own unique gifts.

Every Chance

At Cradley we have high aspirations for all our children and our dedicated staff are committed to providing high quality teaching and learning. We work in close partnership with parents and other stakeholders so every child has the best possible chance to succeed and reach their potential.

Every Day

We encounter each new day with the view that anything is possible and offer chances for children to achieve and excel. We encourage them to seize every day and make sure each child has new and exciting opportunities to explore. Through the variety of experiences and opportunities offered, our children receive a personalised curriculum which prepares for their journey through life.