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Art leader - Miss Hodgetts


Art at Cradley may be taught as a discreet unit  but will usually be taught as part of a class topic. Key skills are developed throughout each unit and year group with children studying key artists relvant to the units they are looking at.


Autumn units:


Year 1 - Self portraits - children will look at Van Gogh and Matisse and analyse their self portraits. They will then begin to develop their observaitonal drawing skills to find out where features go on faces and eventually produce their own self portrait.


  • Using soft and hard pencils and crayons
  • Drawing on different types of paper, drawing objects and from imagination.
  • Use different sized brushes,

Year 2 - Investigating Materials (Textiles) - to link in with their unit on transport, children will study weaving and then use what they have learnt to weave a basket for a hot air balloon. They will look at the work of different artisits who use textiles in their work. They will use different medium to weave and complete large scale weaving outside.


  • how to weave
  • colour choices to create an interesting piece of art.

Year 3 - Investigating Patterns - this unit links to an RE unit on Diwali and A History unit about The Romans. When learning aout Diwali they children will study rangoli patterns and attempt to recreate them. They will then study roman mosaics and create their own.


  • sketching lines and devleoping pencil control
  • developing shading skills
  • Making own printing blocks
  • Repeating patterns
  • Manipulating shapes
  • Choosing shapes and colours for effect

Year 4 - WWI art. This unit will link to a History topic on WW1. The children will study propoganda posters and recreate developing their drawing and painting skills. They will draw faces and extend their understanding of where features go and how to add details.


  • observational drawing - facial features, shading, sketching
  • mixing colours - to match faces
  • poster design - layout and adding text.

Year 5 - Linked to history unit on the Victorians. Children will study artist William Morris and visit a Victorian house where they will see examples of his work. The will sketch and create a tile to produce a layered print.


  • 2 colour press print
  • Recognise and use colour families.
  • Fine detailed brushwork. Arranging composition.
  • Develop use of mark making materials

Year 6 - People in action (children will develop drawing skills and learn to draw people in correct proportion and discover how body parts differ in various poses. They will use wooden mannequins to help perfect these skills.


  • Simple perspective
  • positional drawing and porportion
  • 3 colour press print
  • Produce detailed drawings choosing and using the correct sketching pencils


A whole school Art overview can be found at the bottom of the curriculum overview page.

Further informaiton on each topic can be found on the class newsletters which can be found on the class pages.

Information of Spring and Summer units to be added soon.

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